Descending Angels

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This book is intended for those that are in a time of great tragedy and in need of hope to get them through those dark times. I also hope that this will help those that have a finite worldview to have an eternal worldview.

One of the purposes of this book is to help people change their view of death and dying, for them to view death not as the end or as a dark and hopeless place but as just the next step of many that are yet to come in eternity.

Out of this love that God has for humanity, God sends his angels to minister to mankind. The angels that he uses to minister to mankind are the supernatural creations of God, angels from heaven.

This book is filled with nonfiction stories of the dying and how God in and for his glory sends angels to minister to those that are dying and, then once they are have died, carry the souls of those that have died into the presence of Jesus.

Some, after having read just a portion of the book, say they had chills. Others have said that they cried and praised God for this book and only wished it had been published much sooner


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